The Importance of Certification to Sterile Processing Technicians

In many different industries, certain professions require certification to prove an individual’s expertise. The healthcare field has jobs where it is obligatory to have meticulous, careful skills and maximum attention to detail. Therefore, having the necessary proof can give you a significant advantage.

Becoming a sterile processing technician is an arduous journey that is all worth it in the end. Because SPTs ensure that the thousands of medical equipment and tools used daily are cleaned and decontaminated, employers often look for sterile processing technician certification.

But why exactly is it crucial to obtain a sterile processing and distribution technician certification before joining the clean processing department? Keep reading to find out.

Certificates Validate Expertise

Employers look for certified applicants since SPTs often don’t receive certifications unless enrolled in training programs and continuing education. They are most likely to trust these candidates due to their constant practice and studying to attain top skills and knowledge.

Gain an Edge in Job Applications

Most employers would not consider candidates who have not been certified by organizations such as IAHCSMM and CBSPD. After all, this field has complicated processes to perform daily, and there’s little room for mistakes, so ensure you secure a certificate before applying.

Proves your Commitment

With a certificate, you can stand out from other healthcare professionals. The training and education you will go through in SPT programs are no joke, and by finishing and obtaining recognition, you are proving your commitment to the field of sterile tech.

Receive Higher Salary

Sterile processing technicians are known to receive good salaries despite having no certification. However, being certified qualifies you for higher income since employers are willing to pay recognized individuals more than those who are not.

Enhance Skills

Certified SPTs undergo hands-on training that gives them a clearer perspective on the everyday tasks of a technician. These improve skills and knowledge, allowing an SPT to work more efficiently and competitively.

What Organizations Certify Sterile Processing Technicians?

Two certifying bodies are available for SPTs: the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) and the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD). Each offers different certifications for sterile processing technicians, and the prerequisites for their exams vary.

Nevertheless, neither organization is better than the other, so the choice is up to you.

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